The world is changing

The world is changing

The world is changing; Social Media is a transformation that is happening, accept it or reject it, we are inching towards a DIGITAL FUTURE.

IVF is changing too, and The IVF Company is inching towards being the FIRST to move IVF towards the DIGITAL FUTURE.

We are evolving; new technologies and tools available to us are reshaping how we collaborate and do our work.

The IVF Company wants to empower the IVF Patients by transforming IVF into a digitally CLICK AWAY SERVICE that supports collaboration and knowledge-sharing to enhance IVF patient experience, satisfaction and results.

Therefore, The IVF Company will introduce a 5-star rating/review system to empower IVF patients.

The IVF patients will get the opportunity for the FIRST time to rate their Embryologist, rate their Biopsy practitioner, rate their IVF procedures results, rate their genetic consultations, rate their ICSI results, rate their Embryo Transfer, rate their IVF services and of course rate their pregnancy results.

The IVF Company star-rating/review system will help patients to influence other new patients in their IVF journey.

It will influence the decision-making process to their IVF scientists practitioners.

It will also influence The IVF Company how to improve and innovate.


Shadi Khalil
The IVF Company

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