The IVF Travel & Partnership with ARGC-London.UK


The IVF Company is honoured to announce its partnership with UK’s most famous & successful IVF clinic; the Assisted Reproduction & Gynecology Centre (ARGC), the clinic that is making history in IVF results for the last two decades.

The ARGC is leading the UK IVF clinics by delivering highest success rates in IVF and ICSI every year in the UK since 1995 (as published by the HFEA); making it among the leading IVF clinics in the world.

According to the UK HFEA, ARGC proved to reach 80.2% clinical pregnancy rates, doubling the UK national pregnancy rate by 35.6%. The reason behind it is Britain’s most successful IVF doctor and the world IVF genius Mr Mohamed Taranissi. He has authorised The IVF Company to send him the complicated IVF cases from all over the world.

To make sure patients reach to him, The IVF Company has started to arrange hassle free travel of patients to London so that patients can get seen at ARGC. Now you can worry about your IVF treatment, The IVF Company is there to arrange your travel.

This opportunity will surely give hope to the patients from every corner of the world with repeated failures, miscarriages, and genetically complicated IVF cases. So Mr Taranissi will help them to get the best results.


The IVF Company will approve any IVF procedures after fulfill all the country legal requirement and licensing for each country so please apply in advance.Thank you
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