Test Tube Babies & The Embryology Clinic Services


We offer a number of embryology services for patients as well as for clinics.
You may like to see the list of our offered services below:

For patients:
We have experts to elaborate each step of IVF to patients and counsel them on their needs. Topics covered includes;

  • The process of making the IVF baby
  • Risks involved in pregnancy
  • What to expect from IVF treatment
  • What are the chances of pregnancy for a patient
  • How to increase the chances to create more embryos
  • Equipment used and how does it affect the baby making
  • How and when to freeze the embryos
  • The relationship between age and successful baby making
  • How to create healthy IVF babies
  • New techniques and technologies of IVF
  • Embryo selection process
  • Why and when to use laser assisted hatching for the embryos

For clinics:
We offer collaboration with existing IVF clinics to discuss;

  • Difficult or/and complicated cases
  • Pregnancy results
  • Problems in the IVF lab
  • Troubleshooting in IVF lab
  • IVF lab Improvements
  • Laboratory Quality Control

The IVF Company will approve any IVF procedures after fulfill all the country legal requirement and licensing for each country so please apply in advance.Thank you
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