PGD LAB & Genetic Services

From: £ 30

The IVF Company is aimed to provide IVF GENETICS services along with genetic testing in affordable costs for patients. Therefore, we are using our expertise to make this happen. We have organised the process into three stages:

  1. Genetic counselling and disease licensing.
  2. Biopsy micromanipulation, embryo culture and freezing.
  3. Genetic analysis.

Type of Biopsy services we offer:

  1. Polar Body Biopsy Procedure.
  2. Embryos Cleavage Day 3 Biopsy Procedure.
  3. Blastocyst Trophectoderm Day 5 Biopsy Procedure.
  4. Blastocyst Trophectoderm Day 6 Biopsy Procedure.
  5. Blastocyst Trophectoderm Day 7 Biopsy Procedure.

Biopsy Services for PGD Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis:

Genetic Diseases Procedures using advanced technology to achieve accurate results includes:

  1. PGD using an aCGH high resolution (array Comparative Genomic Hybridisation)
  2. PGD using Ultra Rapid or Flash PGS.
  3. PGD using NGS (Next Generation Sequencing).

Biopsy and Embryo Batching Services includes:

  1. ICSI + Biopsy + Embryo Transfer + Vitrification + Follow up.
  2. Genetic Biopsy Training, Supervision and Education Services.

The IVF Company will approve any IVF procedures after fulfill all the country legal requirement and licensing for each country so please apply in advance.Thank you
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