IVF Gametes Transport Services


The IVF company is your partner in transporting your IVF babies safe around the world.

As trusted partner in your IVF journey, the IVF company did put strict protocols from our extensive clinical experience handling eggs, sperm and embryos.

This step from us will minimise or eliminate any chances of losing your IVF babies during transporting them from country to country.

These protocols will ensure the survival and keeping the viability of the babies so the embryos or sperm they don’t get a shock due to the mishandling during transport from someone who is not qualified and not licensed to handle gametes .

Only qualified licensed personal who should handle your IVF babies, let us give you an example, if someone not licensed or not qualified to took these gametes out side their frozen parameters, it will compromise the viability of the gametes. This could done easily from unqualified person.

If this happened, the vials that contains the IVF babies will look the same from the outside but unfortunately the viability of the IVF babies or gametes will be compromised due to the mishandling. And this subsequently will reduce your chances to get pregnant and waste your money and time in that cycle.

So always always check if an embryologist is handling your embryos or sperm so you can rest assured , that you know that they know how to look after your IVF babies. And this is where The IVF company comes handy so your embryologist can do that for you safe.

Therefore, the IVF company did an extensive research to find the best trusted qualified transport company for you to use when ever you require to keep our promise in making IVF all in one, in the most affordable and most results oriented place like our platform.

We are implementing our protocols to be adhered by the transport company of choice.

We have their trust and we are happy to organise it for you to keep another promise for you to make your IVF journey STRESS FREE.

Being a customer of the IVF company, we will negotiate on your behave to achieve the best affordable prices without compromising the service, we know how IVF can be costly for you so we want to do our bit to help too.

All what you need to do now if you decided to go ahead, just simply select the county of destination and we will connect you with a link to the right destination and here you go.

All cryopreserved IVF babies are frozen in straws and shipped in nitrogen containers worldwide.


The IVF Company will approve any IVF procedures after fulfill all the country legal requirement and licensing for each country so please apply in advance.Thank you
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