Emergency Cover Services

From: £ 20

The IVF Company is committed to fulfilling its promise of increasing clinical pregnancies and making more IVF babies for patients.

The IVF Company will make sure that all IVF procedures are free from interruption by external factors and emergency situations. To achieve this objective, The IVF Company will give the authority to patients to choose their IVF clinics, IVF doctors and their clinical embryologist to do their IVF procedures worldwide. The IVF Company will introduce the rating google system to the IVF professionals who work with The IVF Company so the patients freely can express their experience and their IVF results during their IVF cycle if they wish to do so in order to help other patients to select the best IVF professionals, and that’s fair enough. Patients and Clinics can choose the practitioners based on their highly exceptional clinical expertise, results, qualification and licence; not only according to their written resumes. As the world changing and entering the new digital world the social media, that will be possible for the patients to rate their experience. This will make The IVF Company professional team to work hard to provide the best results and clinical service to the patients. The IVF created for the patients and we should keep it this way, the patient is number one and will always be number one.

For an IVF patient, the whole treatment process is a critical as well as emotional experience, and it’s very disturbing to hear that the treatment has been postponed or cancelled due to the unavailability of staff or clinical scientists. This can be worse in many complicated cases or for patients coming from inaccessible remote areas that are far away from IVF centres. Moreover, clinics can be closed on weekends which compromises the success of the IVF patients as well.

For all the above factors, The IVF Company is committed to cover every emergency absence of IVF Scientists at any time or anywhere on the planet. The company is always there for patients in need. Patients will be always number one for The IVF Company and nothing above that.


The IVF Company will approve any IVF procedures after fulfill all the country legal requirement and licensing for each country so please apply in advance.Thank you
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